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Ten Ton Hammer's All-New Warden Class Guide for the Lord of the Rings Online - Skills Overview LOTRO Warden Tanking Guide By: legofreak11 - Freetoplaymmorpgs 6 Pieces of 4 slot gear gives you 24 slots to work with. The stats that I would prioritize as a Warden Tank are Mitigations, Resistance, Critical Defense, Incoming Healing, and Morale. As a medium armor class, Wardens cap their mitigations at 50% with 18,750 Rating required to get there.

Name, Level, Worth, Received. Basic Burglar Tools icon, Basic Burglar Tools, 30, 1 s 75 c, Sold by: Dexter Deep-pockets Crafted. Book of the Whisper-draw icon ... Warden Class Guide (U19.3) – Page 3 - Dadi's LOTRO Guides Feb 18, 2017 ... They go in the class slot and have three types: Spear; Shield; Fist. Legendary Items (LI) – Every class gets two. Here are the Warden's. Where to get my hunters class slot? : lotro - Reddit There are times at which you'll find this equipment item offered from reputation barterers with unique stats (Pelennor barterer in MT being an ... What is your favorite class to level up, and why? : lotro - Reddit

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Scroll of Greater Craft Acceleration icon Tool :: Items by Slot :: Lord of the Rings Online :: ZAM Superior Tools of the Eastemnet Armourer icon Warden :: Classes :: Lord of the Rings Online :: ZAM Skill Level: Advanced The Warden patrols the borders of civilized lands, preventing the encroachment of Fell Creature from the Wild. Key :: Items by Slot :: Lord of the Rings Online :: ZAM Quested From: Chapter 8: The Gates of Carn Dûm (49)

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Lotro Warden Class Slot Items Uncategorized September 28, 2018 AccountsHi, What is my class slot for in my inventory and how lotro warden class slot items do i get an item for it. Getting Started with Legendary Items - Custom Page ... - LOTRO Chapter 14 (level 46+) awards a second legendary item: a class slot item for most classes, a one-handed weapon for Hunter and a spear for Warden. Be sure to check the rewards from the expedition quests before completing Book 1 and entering Moria. There's no going back once you've passed these up. Legendary Item System | LOTRO – The Lord of the Rings ...

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Warden - LOTRO End-Game Guides In the quickslot grid below there are 11 gambit categories. 8 are set up horizontally, and 3 are set up vertically. You start clicking from left to right or top to bottom, and the farther you go the stronger the gambit becomes. Tips for wardens, from creation to endgame. - LotRO-Archive 4)Class deeds. Warden's class deeds fall into three groups: Way of the fist (aggro), Way of the shield (survivability) and Way of the spear (DPS, both melee and ranged). Most of our class deeds are useful, although some (yes, Skill and Power I'm looking at you) are a bit of a waste of space. Warden Skill Layout on the UI - LotRO-Archive Warden Skill Layout on the UI For me It was pretty simple till I got the Master of Spear (and planning with the other 2 Masters in mind). At present 1, 2, 3 are Spear, Shield, Fist skills, mouse button got gambit attack and the 2 reset buttons on. Minstrel - LOTRO End-Game Guides

The damage you do with class skills is only partially affected by your stats. Often there's something unique to the skills: a fixed amount of damage added in, a better-than-average critical chance or magnitude, something added when a particular class trait is slotted, a bonus when skills are used in a particular order, etc.

The subreddit for the game Lord of the Rings Online. Now free to play, get ... When should I replace my first Legendary items? ... cap, things vary a little by class. But, in general, you should try to hang on to any LI with 4 or more Major legacy slots. Third Age items with the right legacies will be enough to get you through Tier 1 content. ... Ten Ton Hammer's All-New Warden Class Guide for the Lord of the Rings Online - Skills Overview Ten Ton Hammer's All-New Warden Class Guide for the Lord of the Rings Online - Skills Overview Warden Items Index - Lotro-Wiki.com Warden Items Index. From Lotro-Wiki.com. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Contents. 1 Warden Battle Hymns; ... in the class slot; Fist Carvings. Name Effect Min Level ... Beorning • Burglar • Captain • Champion • Guardian • Hunter • Lore-master • Minstrel • Rune-keeper • Warden Crafting Items: ... Category:Class Slot Items - Lotro-Wiki.com Category:Class Slot Items. From Lotro-Wiki.com. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Pages in category "Class Slot Items" The following 200 pages are in this category, out of 282 total. ... Item:Finely-whittled Carving of the Veteran Warden; Item:Fist Carving; Item:Flashing Bane of the Fist Carving;

Scholar (LotRO Profession) :: Wiki :: ZAM Dec 11, 2010 ... The November 2010 update introduced a new item from the LotRO Store, Ingredient Packs. Each Pack contains .... Scholars can make two types of Class-slot books for Hunters: ... Hunter and Warden Oils. Scholars can ... Raid Guide - We Fight For Food